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Episode 3: From Preschool Teacher to Million Dollar Producer with Social Media – Heather Quisel

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Heather Quisel is a million-dollar earner in the direct sales industry, she’s coached and trained leaders in the direct sales to build multi-million dollar organizations around the world as well as helping 6 figures earners work their way out of corporate into full time entrepreneurship. In this episode Heather Quisel shares how she got her […]

Episode 2: How to Increase Sales 50% Even If It’s Your Slowest Month

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In this episode I share a case study of one of my clients who used just one strategy from the Hidden Profits System to increase her sales 50% in her slowest month. If she can sell weight loss in December,when everyone eats and drinks to excess before New Year’s resolutions kick in, this strategy will […]

Episode 1: Follow Ups When Prospects Don’t Respond – Tina Brinkley Potts

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The key to turning a prospect into a client is to keep following up with them, but sometime’s it’s not that easy, especially if you’ve already sent a follow up email after meeting with them and gotten no response. Here with us today to answer our questions and further elaborate on how to implement this […]

Episode 0: Welcome to Optimize Your Business & Your Life

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I share how my father’s death at 56 has influenced the design of my life and business. Plus, a short overview of what types of content to expect in this podcast: Optimizing your sales, marketing, internet marketing, time management, social media, lifestyle design, mindset energy and health, confidence including top tools, books and apps high […]

Are you Arguing for Your Limitations?

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This has come up quite a few times in my coaching calls with clients. They argue for their limitations. Defend them like they are truth. I am too busy, old, young……. the list goes on and on. Your perceived limitations are not truth, you can bust right through them.

The $1000 Glass of Water & the $55 Cup of Tea

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Last week I left my hubby and kids at home and headed to the lake to spend some time by myself to work ON my business, my Hidden Profits event, my new podcast and a new mini product.  I needed some time for the creativity to flow and not have to stop to make lunch, […]

My Top Five Strategies for Getting New Clients

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How do you know what strategies you should focus on to get more clients?  Do more of what WORKS for you. These are the best strategies that I use to get new clients on a consistent basis. 1. Speaking: I love speaking and should do more of it. It is fun and lucrative.  There are three […]

Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8

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My daughter, Alexandra, is a gymnast and she inspires me every day with her hard work, determination and perseverance. It hasn’t been easy to work her way up from Provincial level to National level competitions she has overcome injuries, falls and fears to reach her goals. I know the lessons she is learning through gymnastics […]

Less Proposals…More Sales

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Are you TOO Tough on Yourself?

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Who is the toughest person you have to deal with? Yourself or as I like to say “ Me, myself and I”. Entrepreneurs have to keep moving forward, failing forward and getting up as soon as possible if they want to be successful but sometimes the harsh self talk and self judgement keeps you from […]