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How to Increase Your Average Sale

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Increasing your average sale is one of the best ways to increase your profit in your business. I was reviewing numbers with one of my coaching clients and he was happy to announce he had increased his average sale from 180K to 200K in the last six months. But even more exciting he had three […]

Opportunities for Growth

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How often do you take a step back and take a look at your business? Where is it going? What is it missing? What needs to be optimized to get better results? Unless you are working with a coach or in a mastermind you probably get caught up in the day to day running of […]

How to Use Your Personality to Make Your Business Stand Out

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I have done quite a few coaching calls on incorporating social media into my clients’ marketing plans lately. My clients realized that there must be something to this whole social media craze but they said they never “got it” or felt excited about it until after our call. The reason why it was unappealing is […]

Solutions for Sleepless Nights: Energy Boosts for Entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur can lead to sleepless nights, launches, projects that must be done, a brain that won’t stop thinking…if you throw some kids into that mix, I am sure you can relate to sleepless nights and not being able to call in sick. Lately my five year old has been waking me up because […]

I paid for this and you give me THAT!

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I got a text from my 19 year old step daughter this week asking me to create a workout for her.  This surprised me because she told me last weekend how excited she was that she had joined a gym near the University and was going to meet with one of their trainers to have […]

How to Get Your Sales On Track for the Fourth Quarter

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The year has flown by and October is already HERE.  How are you doing with your goals for the year?  Are you on track to hit them, way off the mark or have you already exceeded them?  No matter where you are in relation to your goals now is a good time to refocus so […]

Overcoming Entrepreneur overwhelm in 3 easy steps

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If you are a business owner and you have big goals, then you probably experience overwhelm when the number of things you need to do and the things you want to do start to get way out of hand.  This is normal, but a frustrating place to be especially if you become like a deer […]

5 Ways to be Top of Mind When Your Prospect is Ready to Buy

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Are You on Top of Mind When Your Prospect is Ready to Buy?  Many business owners and sales people give up way to early on a prospect after just a few no’s. Recently I went through a new client’s sales process and discovered that they were doing a good job in the first 2 weeks […]

How to Get More Leverage Out of Live Events

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One of my clients recently came to her coaching session with a great question, “I am going to a conference, how do I get the most out of it?”  This is definitely something to consider and plan for strategically well before the event starts.  She was going to be a speaker at the event so […]

Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle

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One of the things I am always looking for in my client’s businesses is how they can get more leverage and get more out of less in their business. You should regularly look at what existing content or resources that you can reuse, re-purpose and recycle so that you get more than one use out […]