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Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8

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My daughter, Alexandra, is a gymnast and she inspires me every day with her hard work, determination and perseverance. It hasn’t been easy to work her way up from Provincial level to National level competitions she has overcome injuries, falls and fears to reach her goals. I know the lessons she is learning through gymnastics […]

Are you TOO Tough on Yourself?

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Who is the toughest person you have to deal with? Yourself or as I like to say “ Me, myself and I”. Entrepreneurs have to keep moving forward, failing forward and getting up as soon as possible if they want to be successful but sometimes the harsh self talk and self judgement keeps you from […]

Why I Love New Year (And You Should, Too!)

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Ok I have a confession to make, last year we went to bed before the ball dropped!  Usually we celebrate quietly at home with the girls and have some fondue, this year we actually went to a real party with the girls and they had their first midnight kiss to start the year!  Although I […]

Are You Being Lifted Up or Dragged Down?

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If you have big goals and are taking action to make them a reality but you are not surrounding yourself with the right people you may find yourself stalled without knowing why and not reaching your goals as quickly as you could have. Jim Rohn , the modern philosopher said, “You are the average of […]

If You See a Penny Do You Pick it Up?

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When I was kid seeing a penny was so exciting, I would pick it up, wash it off if it was dirty and put it into my piggy bank. Of course, back then I could actually buy penny candy at the country store. Now the penny candy is 5 cents each. So my kids need […]

Is this the kind of life/business you want to have?

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Today is the anniversary of the passing of Thomas Leonard, the father of modern coaching and a mentor to me when I started coaching. He was known for the quality of his questions and one of them, “Is this the kind of life you want to have?” from his blog (yes, he still has a […]

Happy Time of the Year

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This past weekend, we took the boat out for the winter. And next weekend, we will close the cottage for the winter. Last weekend, we were lucky since we had a “bonus” weekend of summer. It was actually warm enough to swim. I always used to be extremely sad closing up for the winter but […]

The Wealthy Thought Leader

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Last week was very intense. I spent 3 FULL days at my computer watching the Wealthy Thought Leader event via simulcast. The event was not a bunch of tactics to implement, but a lot of thought provoking exercises and questions designed to get you out of your habitual way of thinking. They also had a […]

Boating Season Here in the North East

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Just came back from a 4-day vacation at the lake. No, not yet boating season here in the North East, although there were some hardy fishermen out on the lake in the snowstorm with their bass boats covered in snow. Even with the snowy surprise, it was exciting to open up the cottage for the […]

Conversations with My Kids

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One morning this week, my 7-year old was complaining about what I served her for breakfast, among other things. I was shocked to hear my 3-year old say, “Mommy, Alexandra needs to change her attitude.” Apparently, some things I say are rubbing off! I often have conversations with my kids about the fact that you […]