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Designing your Business Around Your Vision for Your Family

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Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Meyer, is stirring up a lot of debate with her maternity leave plan. She has said that she plans to take a few weeks of maternity leave but to keep working throughout her maternity leave. This stirs up a lot of feelings for me and other moms. I am excited that […]

Could You Use Some More Cash Flow?

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Almost every business owner I have worked with complains of cash flow challenges when they start working with me. This is usually due to several factors: Not enough sales Not maximizing the sales they have Money Mindset challenges which result in outstanding invoices. I address all three of these when I work with a client […]

How To Use Peak State to Increase Your Sales

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Because of my work with Tony Robbins I am a big believer in Peak State and using it before you make sales calls but you can also capitalize on the peak state of your clients to increase your sales. The best time to upsell is when your client or prospect is in a peak state. This is when they are […]

Why You Need to Be Doing Stacked Marketing to Get More of Your Ideal Clients

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If you want to dig a little deeper into creating your stacked marketing plan, check out the FREE 1 hour video class I did on it here how you can stack your marketing. Be sure to leave your thoughts or comments below.

Small Business Takeaways from 3.5 Million Dollar Super Bowl Ad Mistakes

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Each year the buildup to the Super Bowl and the ads is bigger and bigger. Companies pay $3.5 million and up for a 30-second spot plus the cost of producing the commercial. But for the small business owner with a much smaller marketing budget, there are a few things to learn from these ads, what […]

How to Stack Your Marketing for Massive Results in 2012

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Watch live streaming video from BusinessOptimizerCoach at In this class I shared: • What clients have done to increase their sales, anywhere from 40% to 180%, despite being in industries that have hit with double digit drops in sales due to the recession. • Why stacked , multi channel marketing, is a key to […]

The Overlooked Marketing Step to get your Prospects Excited to Buy your Products or Services

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7 Signs Your Website is like a Pair of Mom Jeans

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Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with mom jeans. They are perfectly good piece of clothing–covering all the essentials–which is what clothes are for. The problem is that although mom jeans were popular and “in-style” a decade or more ago, now they are not doing you any favors. They make you look older, frumpier, […]

10 Follow Up Mistakes that are Costing you Sales

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You want to grow your company, you want more clients and more sales, but chances are you suck at follow-up. You’re not the only one. 95% of the businesses I work with have little to no follow-up systems in place and often, if they do have some semblance of a system, they fail to implement. […]

Avoiding Entrepreneurial Burnout While Growing Your Business

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This has been a great summer – I have spent over a month at our family cottage at the lake, relaxing and recharging with my family. We went swimming, boating, hiking, and reading  as much as possible. Many business owners struggle with the concept of taking time off and relaxing until they reach a point […]