5 Ways to be Top of Mind When Your Prospect is Ready to Buy

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Are You on Top of Mind When Your Prospect is Ready to Buy?  Many business owners and sales people give up way to early on a prospect after just a few no’s. Recently I went through a new client’s sales process and discovered that they were doing a good job in the first 2 weeks […]

Are You Making it Easy for Your Clients to do Business with You?

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Dig deep. Walk a mile in your client’s shoes and see how easy you make it to do business with your company.

Are You Ready for Oprah to Call? Paralyzed by Opportunites

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Most business owners are looking for opportunities to grow their businesses, their brand, and make more money. That is why most of us are in business. As you become better at marketing more and more opportunities will show up. Then what? You have to decide which opportunities are worth pursuing and fit into your strategic […]