3 Ways to Sell With Confidence

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I have a confession to make. I was a top salesperson since I was in 3rd grade. But when I started my own business, all of my sales skills seemed to vanish and I struggled to get new clients.

Many business owners I work with have the same challenge. They are good at what they do Рcreating or delivering a product or service, but struggle with selling it. You may find that you have this same challenge Рyou wimp out on asking for the sale, you do too busy work instead of income generating activites, or you take objection as your final answer instead of  asking for the sale again.

Here are 3 ways to Sell with More Confidence.

1. Create a sales script.

Successful people always have a sales process that they use. A good sale script should have elements in it to develop rapport, find out the prospect’s problem or pain, establish the value of your product or service, a close and list of common objections and how you should handle them.

2. Identify your perfect clients.

It is easier to sell confidently if your prospect is one of your perfect clients – and the good news is when they buy, they are more fun to work with, they buy more, complain less and refer more clients.

3. Own your true value.

You may think the value of your product or service is what you are charging for it. But the true value of your product or service is much greater than that. For example, if you buy a marketing plan, it’s true value is exponential – it helps you get more clients, it evens out your cash flow, which then lead to even more value. Having more clients and even cash flow allows you to invest in your business, have less stress, and take advantage of new opportunities.

As you start using these strategies, you will find you sales conversations are easier and more fun. You stop stressing out about selling and you will naturally start to sell more.

If you want even more strategies for getting more clients, check out the Selling with Confidence: Getting a Yes Without Being Pushy system. It takes you step by step through the exercises I do with my one-on-one coaching clients so you can sell more with less stress.

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