Are You Guilty of Not Following Up?

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Are you Guilty of Not Following Up?

 You can make more sales using just by implementing one key part of your marketing and sales process more effectively, follow up.  You have probably heard the phrase, “the fortune is in the follow up” yet still struggle with it.  Many of the business owners I coach start out with some problems in this area.

 It kills me to see business owners making this mistake and I see it all of the time.  Recently, we received a flyer for piano tuning and repair in our paper box.  My husband and I were excited to get this after being left hanging by our last piano repair man 2 years ago who took some strings out of our piano and never was heard from again (but that is  another story).  My husband called and spoke to them and jokingly asked if he would finish the job and explained what happened before and that we were VERY interested.  The piano people said they would call us on Monday and schedule a time to come fix our piano.  And……no call.  Still waiting….. 

 The spent the effort and money to write, print and distribute the brochure had a qualified prospect with a broken piano who was dissatisfied with his prior service provider. Yet they dropped the ball and are probably dissatisfied by the results of their marketing campaign.

 Although they did implement the marketing tactic of the flyer they missed some key steps to making sure that it was successful. 

  1. Schedule time for follow up
  2. Have a script and a process for how the incoming leads will be handled.
  3. Track incoming leads to gage the success of your marketing efforts and inspect it regularly to see what might be slipping through the cracks.
  4. Automate as much as possible with a good CRM for inbound calls and autoresponders for automated email followup.  

Today’s coaching tip: Schedule time to look at each marketing tactic you are using and examine your follow up process to make sure it doesn’t have any places where people are falling through the cracks.

Check out the video I did on Follow UP.

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