Energy Vampires

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Are you surrounded with energy vampires, or do you only have a few? Either way you are losing your precious energy. Energy vampires are those people who suck your energy. After being with them or talking to them you feel worse than you did before the interaction with this vampire. Some vampires have extra strong powers and can even suck your energy with their e-mails!

As business owners we need to keep our energy up and keep our positive attitude because as the Law of Attraction states, like attracts like, and you will get more of whatever you focus on whether positive or negative. The time we spend thinking and dealing with the negative energy from these people makes us attract even more of them. These energy vampires could be employees, friends, or even clients.

The most common one we put up with as entrepreneurs are the vampire clients because we have been trained that the customer is always right and that any client is better than no client. The customer may always be right but not every customer is right for you. One of my clients, a web designer, was suffering from lots of vampire clients. They were indecisive, rude, pushy, didn’t pay on time, and needed excessive hand holding. These clients were gettting way more of her time than they paid for and to top it off she was worrying about them even when she wasn’t working with them.

After some coaching to determine who her perfect client was she started to let go of her vampire clients and stopped accepting new ones. She now has an excellent screening process that helps her determine if the prospect is a perfect client for her. She is now enjoying her business more and is getting more client referrals to more perfect clients.

You don’t have to put up with these vampire clients stealing your energy. Make the decision that you won’t work with them anymore and put standards in place of what your perfect client is and watch your business grow.

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