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Many times our fear of failure shows up as perfectionism. Many of my clients want everything to be perfect before they release anything to the public. While on the surface this seems like a high professional standard it is actually quite unrealistic, and holds you back from moving forward as fast as you can.

So what are you to do? Unless you are a surgeon or launching the space shuttle, having something less than absolutely perfect will not harm anyone. In fact, marketing and business are better when you take some risks and see what works best.

The most famous and richest failure you may not classify as a failure, yet every few years he releases a new product to millions of people that has tons of bugs and drives half the people who buy it crazy. Yes, you may have guessed Bill Gates with his Windows products.

One day I was hearing about the latest calamity with the latest Windows launch and it struck me, if he is the richest man in the world and he still releases a product with some glitches, then why were the rest of us entrepreneurs still trying to be perfect without his vast resources?

So do the best you can, collaborate with others to make sure it is the best it can be, and then release it to the world. And if after it is released you want to make some modifications, just make it ProductX 2.0.

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