How to get more RESULTS from your Marketing

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Are you frustrated that you are not getting the results you want from your marketing? No phone ringing, no requests for proposals, no new clients anxious to do business with you?

There are many things you could be doing wrong, but one of the most common is that your marketing is a one trick pony.

Here are some problem areas to work on to get more results with your marketing:

1.Your marketing is not stacked – You do one marketing tactic and are proud of getting your business “out” there, but in reality – a good marketing is stacked with many different marketing tactics to reach your prospect.

For example: If you have a special promotion – instead of just sending out an e-mail, add a bunch of different tactics to work together in synergy like a three-step mail campaign combined with a strategic alliance partner and social media.

2. Your marketing tactics don’t go deep enough. Again, same scenario – you have a special promotion and promote it by sending out an e-mail. Sending out one e-mail or one newspaper ad is just scratching the surface. It is like a salesperson only calling a prospect once and then declaring them “not interested.” Just like your sales process, your marketing needs to be consistent and develop trust and rapport with your prospect.

Take each marketing tactic you are using and go deeper – for example:instead of one email or ad plan out a series of e-mails or ad campaigns.

3.Track it, or don’t do it. In coaching sessions with my private clients – each week we review their marketing plan and their results. In recent review of one of my clients, results showed that by using the two strategies above they brought in almost $14,000 in new business for the month by mailing to a small list consistently combined with an effective follow-up technique.

Action Step: Take out your marketing plan.
1. Stack it.
2. Go deeper.
3. Track it weekly.

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