How to Tap into Emotion and Get your Prospects to Buy

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Buying is not just a based on logic. 65% of the buying decision is based on emotion, how your prospect feels. You may understand why a prospect should buy based on the facts, but do you know why they should buy from you emotionally? It is important not just to know it but to be able to communicate it well in all of your marketing and sales conversations.  Even B2B marketing and sales can tap into emotion. If you think that B2B marketing and sales has to be dry and all based on logic, remember the last time that your computer didn’t work or your website crashed, it definitely caused some feelings and maybe a few bad words.  Even marketing and selling B2B you are still connecting with the people in those businesses who are making the buying decisions.

Here are 5 steps to connecting emotionally to your prospect so you can get the sale:

1. Keep your language simple whether speaking or writing. Any time you have a sentence that makes your prospect say ‘huh’, you break rapport and lose the energy you had been building towards the sale.

2. Remember to paint the WHY. I know that you love all of the bells and whistles of your product or service but you need to point out to your prospect WHY these features are important. For example: I have a marketing calendar that I create for all of my coaching clients, and although I have been told it looks “really awesome,”  I always point out why it is so important to my clients that the best marketing plan in the world won’t get them clients if it isn’t implemented so I have designed it so they can track their implementation.

3. Figure out the pain points and hopes and dreams of your prospects. To get to the emotion, you have to go beyond the needs of your prospect, and dig deeper and understand their pain and their hopes and dreams.  Ask questions, be curious and truly care about the answer, being real and caring will help you out even if don’t get the sale.

4. Target different emotions in your marketing and sales process. When you you design your marketing and sales processes make sure you address different emotional reasons why they should buy.  For example: If you are selling image consulting in one email message you could target the emotion of not feeling confident and then in another email you could target the emotion of wanting to reach their goal and get the promotion because they were seen as right for the added responsibility.  If you only use one emotion in your marketing and sales process then you will only sell the clients that connect with that emotional hot button.

5. Don’t push them to buy, SERVE them. It is important to come from a place of serving the prospect, helping them discover how your product or service is right for them, instead of pushing them to buy from a place of desperation.  When you push people, they have a natural urge to want to push back, so when you get an objection, listen to it, agree with them, respond, and then ask a question.  For example: “It is not a good time right now because I am too busy.” Agree: I understand that you are very busy right now. Then Respond: “What our customers have found is that our product actually helped them be 20% more efficient weekly and they saved over 8 hours a week.”   Ask a Question: ” Would the setup time we discussed be worth saving 8 hours a week or 416 hours a year?”

Your assignment: Go through the 5 steps and map it out into your sales process.
1. Check your language in your materials.
2. Go through each feature of your product and paint out vivid WHY’s
3. Come up with a list of questions to ask your prospects
4. Create marketing pieces targeting different emotions to your marketing plan
5. Practice answering objections using the method above

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