IF Accountants and Engineers CAN KICK BUTT with their Marketing SO CAN YOU!

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I recently did a survey of the business owners who read my newsletter and you responded with your top concerns for your business:

  1. Getting more clients.
  2. Finding time to do the important stuff in your business.

However, the methods that you need to master to get more clients, marketing and sales, ranked lower. This is like saying your number one concern is weight loss, but not being willing to learn what you need about nutrition and exercise.

This has led to a culture of quick fix fad diets, pills and liposuction, which unfortunately, doesn’t last.

As a business owner – you need to learn effective marketing and sales strategies. Many business owners resort to hiring someone but the reality is that the top marketers in the world don’t want to work for small business owners like us, because they know that using their expert skills for their own business will make them far more money than working for someone else.

Anyone can learn how to do effective marketing to get more clients. It is a matter of learning what does and doesn’t work. You can either spend years and thousands of dollars learning the hard way through trial and error or invest in the time NOW to learn how.

It doesn’t matter what your background is, I’ve taught everyone from accountants and engineers, to web designers to get more clients with effective marketing. Just last week a client who has an accounting firm reported to me that he had almost $14,000 in the last month in NEW clients from the marketing plan we put together.

If you want a consistent flow of new clients, the first thing you have to do is stop working in your business and set aside time to work on it. I have put together a F.R.E.E teleclass for you to get help with the areas you requested in the survey.

Block out the time and Join me Thursday, March 18th, at 1 pm ET for a F.R.E.E. call on How to Stop Your Feast or Famine Cycle in Your Business with Effective Marketing to get More of Your Perfect Clients. Don’t spend another year fighting it, you have to market effectively to get out of the feast or famine cycle.

CLICK the link below and sign up to get the call in details.

*Sign up even if you can’t make the live call and I will send you the recording.

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