Opportunities for Growth

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opportunityHow often do you take a step back and take a look at your business?

Where is it going?

What is it missing?

What needs to be optimized to get better results?

Unless you are working with a coach or in a mastermind you probably get caught up in the day to day running of your business and don’t do this as often as you should and there is a lot of money that you are leaving on the table in your business.

One of the questions I have been asking all of my coaching clients lately is, “What is your biggest opportunity for growth right now?”  You notice I didn’t say what isn’t working or what do you need to fix in your business. By focusing on optimizing areas in your business that can lead to growth you will get a better return on investment on the time, energy and money that you invest.

Here are some areas to consider:

  1. Follow up on your leads.
  2. Improve your teams’ sales skills.
  3. Finish a project.
  4. Call and ask for referrals.
  5. Call and set up a strategic alliance.
  6. Work with your team to help them close stalled deals.
  7. Improve the opt in on your website.
  8. Add calls to action on your website.
  9. Launch something.
  10. Relaunch something.
  11. Expand geographically.
  12. Add a new product for your existing market.
  13. Make a list of your Perfect Clients and a plan to get them as clients.
  14. Look for ways to sell more to existing clients.
  15. Improve and test your best marketing pieces.
  16. Get active with key influencers locally or online.
  17. Focus on the 20% of things that get you 80% of your business.

There are hundreds if not thousands of things that you could do but chances are you know in your gut what your biggest opportunity for growth is.  Share yours below in the comments.  If you want some help clarifying what your opportunities for growth are apply for a FREE strategy session with me.

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