Optimizing Your Year – To get More of the Important Stuff Done – Part 2

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After you have planned out your schedule with your time off, time working in the business and on the business, it is time to look at a the year you just completed and what you want for the year ahead and how you are going to reach those goals.

Step 1 Evaluate the year you just completed.  Here is a basic list to get you started to take an honest look at the good bad and the ugly.  You can’t fix it if you don’t acknowledge where you are.  I call this step the before picture, like the bathing suit picture, that you take before starting a new exercise and nutrition program, it may not be fun or pretty but it sure will motivate you.


Gross sales

Profit margin

Average Sale

Growth over the year before

Improvements made in the company ( expanded market, new products, systems, etc)

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What do you want to improve in the next year?

Personal :

Time off:


Things learned or studied:


What worked?

What didn’t work?

What do you want to improve in the next year?

Step 2: Set a big money goal for the year ahead.  Don’t wimp out and set a goal that is only a slightly better version of the year you just had.  By having a big goal , you will have to make a mental shift and a shift in how you do things instead of just doing more of what you are already doing.  Then set clear, measurable goals for all areas of your business and personal life.   Even though you are doing your business planning, it is critical to keep your eye on what you want for your whole life, not just the 9-5.

Step 3 Lay out the action steps you need to do in order to reach your goals.  We will cover how to plan out your action steps in Part 3 in next weeks newsletter…

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