If You See a Penny Do You Pick it Up?

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When I was kid seeing a penny was so exciting, I would pick it up, wash it off if it was dirty and put it into my piggy bank. Of course, back then I could actually buy penny candy at the country store. Now the penny candy is 5 cents each. So my kids need to keep their eyes peeled for lots of pennies or start looking for nickels.

Nowadays finding a penny is probably not that exciting for you but what about when you find a twenty dollar bill in your winter coat? The funny thing is that you put the twenty dollars there in the first place but when we find money that we didn’t know we had or didn’t expect it is fun and we feel very abundant.

I guarantee that there is money that you have in your business that you haven’t found yet and you are probably only a few simple steps from putting it into your pocket. You are not the only one, most business owners are so focused on getting new clients that they don’t maximize the opportunities they already have.

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  1. I almost always pick up pennies (the only time I don’t is if it’s raining). My motto is you can’t have dollars without pennies.

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