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I got a question about the upcoming “How to Stop Your Feast or Famine Cycle in Your Business with Effective Marketing to get More of Your Perfect Clients” call, and I thought I would share it with you in case you had the same question.

“My business is already successful and I already have a marketing plan, is this call still for me?”

That depends on what kind of person you are. If you are like me and always want to learn and implement new cutting strategies then I would encourage you to attend.

Most of my clients are already successful, six and seven figure business owners but often surprised by the “Aha’s” or the “Duh, I should have thought of that!”, that happen as they are reexamining what they are currently doing and how it can be improved.

Some questions to ask yourself:
•Do you still need more clients?

•Would you like more of your perfect clients who buy more, buy more often and are more fun to work with?

•Do you need more leverage in your business?
(get more results out of the work you’re doing?)

If so, you should attend. You never know the one A-ha that could make a difference of thousands of dollars in your business.

Here is what one of my successful clients said about coaching with me on his marketing:

Stacey has helped me in quite a few different ways.

I personally think that a coach is supposed to be someone who draws out the best in a person. Stacey does a great job in holding me accountable for the things that I’ve committed to.

Not only is Stacey a solid coach, but she also has a fantastic background in direct response marketing. There have been quite a few times when we’ll do brainstorming sessions on our coaching calls, she will actually be doing marketing consulting for me and
she’s helped me come up with headlines and offers, which quite frankly, are probably worth over $10,000 in additional revenue for my business that Stacey literally whipped up off the top of her head. So her marketing knowledge is just simply a fantastic bonus.

Tim Schmidt
Magazine Publisher

*****If your schedule is busy and you can’t make the live call
simply fill out your name and e-mail and I will send you
the MP3 recording to listen to at your convenience.*****

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