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Tricks and Treats to Grow your Business and Boost your Cash Flow Part 4

Did you notice how when you resist doing something or have a bad attitude things just seem to go from bad to worse?  One of the best ways to get better results out of everything you do is to be in a peak state before you start an activity.  When you are feeling great your results are exponentially better.  I always teach my clients before making sales calls ,writing marketing copy or any other important business activity to take a minute to get into peak state.  One of the best ways  to get yourself into peak state, that top of the world I can do anything feeling, is listening to music ( and even dancing).  You should have some go to songs that you can use over and over.  So for today’s treat I am sharing one of my favorite uplifting, never fail songs that I love to get me into peak state.

Today’s Treat:

Please share in the comments what your favorite songs are to get into peak state.

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