VIDEO: How to Prepare Your Business for the Next Snowmegeddon

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You probably aren’t still using a typewriter but still have things in your business that you are doing the old fashioned way, using outdated tools and may even have a business model that is trading hours for dollars and doesn’t give you enough leverage. In this video I will share some new tools for you to use that will keep you going even when you have to close your doors for a snow storm and some tweaks to your business model that can help you keep making money even if the roads are bad and no one is venturing out.

Video 1

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  1. loved your tips – I will use some of these this week with clients who are being effected by the weather!

  2. Love these tips, Stacey! Web-based is so great, I’m becoming a google app addict – Just heard of basecamp recently, luv it! definitely headed in that direction as my team continues to build. Working more e-products now behind the scenes. Good stuff, keep the great info coming!!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Thanks I am glad they were helpful. Google is always rolling out new stuff and it is nice to have everything in one place with one login. They even have their own url shortener now which is great because you can track it, .

  4. Thanks for the good tips, Stacey! I will check out Basecamp-wasn’t aware of it.

    My only fiddly comment is the professional video producer in me gently suggests you ask your cameraperson to look out for the sound recording- perhaps getting a lav mike or a camera with an external mic so we don’t hear the camera noise. You don’t want the techy stuff distracting viewers, if you can help it.

  5. Thanks Maureen, I am glad you liked the tips.

    I know you are a film professional but my camera person was my hubby and it was a REAL BLIZZARD, hence the wind noise! Hopefully my next video will be in a calmer setting without wind gusts!

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