Stand Out From Your Competition

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It is very common for companies to market themselves like all of their competitors. To see an example of this open the yellow pages and look at any section. You will see a bunch of businesses that all look the same.

One of my clients is an optometrist and he needed help with his yearly yellow page ad. After reviewing the competition it was obvious that the only difference was the amount of money spent and the size of the ad. They all listed their hours and that they offered eye exams, glasses and contact lenses. Nobody stood out in the crowd.

We took a different approach. We used educational marketing, which is educating the potential client so that you are the logical choice when it comes time to buy. We used facts about the eyes that were startling and made parents say, “Wow, I didn’t realize that. I should book an eye exam for the kids”. His ad stood out from the competition and he started getting a lot more calls from his yellow pages ad.

Is your advertising or marketing like all of your competition? This same strategy works for many different media, like newspaper ads and even Google Adwords campaigns.

1. Examine the marketing you are doing and that of your competitors.
2. Determine what would make a propect buy from you vs. them.
3. Create a new marketing piece that stands out.
4. Start testing it.

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