Take Time to be with Your Kids

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This week, I am on Spring Break with my kids. We’re not going anywhere fancy – just staying home and enjoying some family time, hopefully, with some sledding, skiing and ice skating if the weather cooperates.

My oldest turned seven this week and it makes you realize how fast they grow up and how little time we get with them while they still want to do stuff with us. So, yes, maybe I would make more money, or finish more of my projects, if I worked this week – but this is time I won’t get back.

One of my biggest successes with a client was not just helping him with the marketing of his million dollar internet marketing business, but in coaching him to take time with his kids. It was fun to see his joy as he started taking weekly Tae Kwan Do classes with them and then did a family trip to Disney. People say take time to smell the roses – but I say “Take time to be with your kids.”

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