How to Create a New Habit of Action Instead of the Habit of Procrastination

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How To Create a New Habit

Have you ever put something off that you knew was important but still couldn’t get yourself to do it?  I am pretty sure most people can relate to this.  My husband, however, is one of those rare people that never ever procrastinates (before I met him I had no idea those people existed).   Yes I know, you women out there reading this are jealous , the lawn needs to be mowed, done, trash to go out, done.  He see something that needs to be done and does it.  The cool thing about this is that he has a lot less stress and stuff hanging over his head.  The bad thing about this is that when I met him it made me feel even worse if I put off doing something.

Before I met my husband and his good habits rubbed off on me, I could procrastinate with the best of them!  I would create an elaborate plan in my head with a list of other times I would do a task and reasons why I should wait.  This caused a lot of stress and I wasn’t very productive. Seeing how he got stuff done inspired me to get serious about overcoming my procrastination habit.   So I studied him and took classes, read books, went to seminars and you know what the secret is?   There is no secret, like Nike says, ” Just Do IT”.  Create a new habit of action instead of the habit of procrastination. This may feel uncomfortable but once you start doing it you will start to like the way it feels.

Today’s Trick: Pick one item on your to do list that you have been procrastination about and DO IT.  If it is a big project chunk it down into small little baby steps.   Doing something that you have procrastinating about will give you a huge energy boost and feel awesome. Share in the comments below what you are going to cross off your list and go do it.  If you need help with this you may want to consider a coach or accountability partner who won’t let you back out of what you said you would do.

Today is Day 3 of the tricks and treats series.  So if you have procrastinated and you haven’t done Day 1 and 2 make sure you take a few minutes today to go back and get caught up so you start to build some momentum.

Part 1:

Part 2:

**I will be keeping these Tricks and Treats to Grow your Business and Boost your Cash Flow short with a mixture of things to implement and things to keep you motivated and on track so you won’t get overwhelmed. The tricks are proven strategies and tips to grow your business. The treats are things that I like that I want to share with you, they may be music to change your state, quotes, videos, and lots of other fun stuff that I know will help you grow your business and motivate you. This combination will keep you in action and motivated. Make sure that you sign up for my RSS feed or Like my Facebook page so you don’t miss a single day.

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