VIDEO: How Your Small Business Can Profit From Snowmegeddon (even if you don’t own a snowplow)

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This winter has caused a lot of havoc for small business owners around the country, even in some places not used to the severe weather. As a small business owner, even one day of lost revenue can have a crippling effect on your business. I braved the blizzard and filmed some tips for you to grow your business even in a blizzard! These tips were recently used by one of my clients whose business shut down for 4 days due to the Atlanta winter wonderland. I’d love to hear your comments, please tell me what you think on the blog and feel free to share it with other business owners hit by the winter weather.

Video 2

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  1. You describe a lot of good hints. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Charlotte! Now let the implementing begin.

  3. […] Hylen of sent this idea: I shot some videos outside in the blizzard with some tips to help small business owners learn how to profit from […]

  4. Hey Stacey! What a great video! Although I did start shivering while I watched it. Brrrrr….

    Seriously, love the tips. Way to use your snow day in a productive way. Gotta love NH weather, right?

  5. Always loved your phrase, Snowmeggedon. Classic.

    Hope all is well.


  6. Hi Mark, I can’t say that I coined it but it did inspire this video series! I do think the waether people have gone a little overboard naming EVERY storm now but I guess it is good for ratings! Hope you and your family are doing well too. ~ Stacey

  7. What to Say……. Ummm Just Perfect. Really appriciate your tips. Once again Excellent Video.

  8. Thanks!

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