Want to Make a Leap? GULP!

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Would you like to make a leap in your business? Go after your perfect clients, get out there with your marketing, launch a new service or raise your fees…Any time we decide to make a change, especially a big one, our fears come right to the surface but there are several ways to make a big leap and not chicken out in the middle.

  1. Truly commit to the decision: If you want to be successful you must make the decision and commit to it, (example burning the ships)
  2. Put yourself out there: Tell people that you are working on something new or making some improvements and then set a date. Having some public accountability will help you keep moving forward when you feel like quitting. In the book, Business Plan for Your Body, by Jim Karas, he explains that most people sabotage their weight loss goals by having them be a secret. Subconsciously, they feel like they will fail so they don’t want to tell anyone or to be held accountable.
  3. Create a list of why it is important to change: If you are ready to make a leap it is because something in your current situation is unacceptable to you or that you have a bigger goal that you are ready to step into. Write all of the reasons that your current situation is not working for you. Then write all of the benefits of making the leap.
  4. Get some support. It is crucial to get support from someone who believes in you more than you sometimes believe in yourself. This person needs to be willing to talk straight and call you on “your stuff”. Recently one of my clients decided she was ready to make a big leap in her business and the services she was providing and her business structure which included raising her fees. This was a very scary step for her but we created some tools for her to feel more positive and courageous as she made the change.
    • She made a long list of all of the VALUE her clients were receiving from her services.
    • Created a list of all of the BENEFITS to the clients with her new business model.
    • Had a powerful vision of where she wanted to be with specific goals.
    • She had some coaching on her mindset before she made the leap.

My belief in her and her value helped her make the leap. She proudly shared that the client didn’t even blink an eye and signed up at her new fee. Each time you do something that makes you gulp it gets easier. If you look back to when you started your business there were probably lots of things that were challenging but now you are able to handle them with ease. What leaps do you need to make Personally or Professionally? Take action and make the leap.

Here are some great books to support you in making your leap (affiliate links).

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