What makes your business unique?

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Sitting in Starbucks this week, waiting, I could not help but notice the language. Most of it was Greek to me, since I am a tea drinker. Names like non-fat, dry cappuccino, wet cappuccino. Now, like I said, I drink tea, but I thought all cappuccinos were wet; it is a beverage!

I pulled the barrister aside and she explained the difference between a wet and dry cappuccino. The dry one has more foam.

People drive miles out of their way for their daily Starbucks fix. It’s not just to get coffee, it’s the language, the feeling that you can get exactly what you want and that employees care as they announce your order by specific language that you used to order it. Starbuckese.

My question to you as a business owner is, how are you speaking to your clients and prospects? What language do you use to make them feel that you get them and what they need? What products do you have that make them feel special?

Several client coaching sessions focused on this topic this week. Some examples:

A manufacturer that I am coaching has a private label line exclusively for professional tradesmen in their niche.

An accounting firm I am helping create a signature process they use with their clients to help them with their tax planning and minimize their taxes.

Both of these serve the client – giving them what they want and need, and setting the company selling the product or service apart from the hundreds or thousands of competitors.

Your action step: Determine what is your process or product that sets you apart from your competitors.

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