What is Your Olympic Diet?

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Last week while eating lunch a couple sat down next to me as I was reading the paper. The woman saw the Olympic coverage in the newspaper and said in an exasperated tone,” when will the Olympics be over and we’ll get back to real news!” I was shocked, as you can tell by my Olympic article I am a real fan of the Olympics even though I don’t usually watch sports on TV, and couldn’t believe my ears. I asked her, “what real news would you like to read, Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, the hurricane in Haiti?” At which point she said ” I am just sick of the Olympics” and her lunch companion laughed at the thought of the “real” news being better.

This quick conversation set me to thinking… I love the Olympics for inspiration and a kick in the butt to be my best. But what about after the Olympics? What is your Olympic Diet? No,not what you eat, but what you put in your mind? What do you do on a regular basis to keep yourself inspired, positive and moving forward?

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