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Thanks to a recommendation from a mastermind member, I just finished reading 3 feet from Gold by Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid. This book is based on the story from THINK and GROW RICH by R.U. Darby, a gold miner who had struck gold but then hit a dry spell. He got discouraged and quit. He sold his mine, the sad part is that he was only 3 feet away from the vein of gold that made the new owner extremely rich.

This book is a must read for any entrepreneur. It is full of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs in little bite size pieces on how to be successful and how to KEEP GOING in times of adversity. I found it a quick read and found the format of the book, focusing on getting the BEST piece of advice from each of the people interviewed for the book was encouraging and kept me in a productive positive state.

I will keep this book on my shelf and turn to it whenever I am having a challenging day. Most of the people interviewed in the book also mentioned the book Think and Grow Rich as a major influence on their life so if you don’t have that one on your shelf that is a must have also.

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