Self Motivation and Motorcycle Courses

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The scariest thing I did in the last year was to finish my motorcycle course so that I could get my license. When I started the class I was nervous but excited but half way through Day 2 I crashed while attempting an emergency stop on a curve in torrential rain. I ended up in the ER after landing on my knee on the pavement. I was extremely lucky, no broken bones.

After 2 months of letting my knee heal I returned to the motorcycle course to finish the class. My instructors had told my husband that they were sure I would have passed the first time if I hadn’t laid the bike down before the test so everyone told me they were sure I could do it. Me, I wasn’t so sure. I was terrified, going to the porta-potty every five minutes (and who likes to use those things). I felt nauseous, dizzy and my self talk was having a field day. “This is crazy! Why do you need a license you can just keep going on the back of Benoit’s bike, you can just quit it’s okay, etc, etc….”

Here I am someone who has written a chapter in a book on self talk, getting beat up in my own mind. So I started a Little Engine that could like mantra in my mind and whispering under my breath, I can do it, I can do it, You are capable! And I am proud to report that I not only got through the exercise that I had previously crashed on but I GOT MY MOTORCYCLE LICENSE!!! I felt like a million bucks after feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Anyone have a Harley for sale….

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