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Tonight I was in Home Depot looking at flooring and was pleasantly surprised by the man helping us who went WAY out of his way to help us find something and make sure that we saw all of the available options.  After we assured him that he had answered all of our questions and that we just had to choose a color he went to help another customer.  While debating the color with my hubby, another employee came over to help and gave us some suggestions.

As my hubby was waiting  in line at the checkout,  I went to the service desk and asked to speak to the manager.  He approached me with a reserved and maybe a touch apprehensive look on his face.  He was very surprised and appreciative when I told him the reason I wanted to speak to him,  to tell him what a great team he had and how John and David had been so helpful.

I hope that he passed the praise on to both of his team members that made my night of shopping a lot better.

I try to always acknowledge good experiences I have with businesses since as a business owner myself I know that usually all you hear are the complaints.  So as you go through this holiday season make sure you give some appreciation instead of complaints.

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