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One morning this week, my 7-year old was complaining about what I served her for breakfast, among other things. I was shocked to hear my 3-year old say, “Mommy, Alexandra needs to change her attitude.” Apparently, some things I say are rubbing off!

I often have conversations with my kids about the fact that you can’t change what other people did or said or what happens. The only thing you can control is your attitude and your reaction. My kids are too young to read Viktor Frankl’s As A Man Thinketh, but if you haven’t read it, you should. It will put things in perspective of how we are the only ones in charge of our thoughts, no matter how horrible the circumstances.

In our family we have a little phrase we use whenever something bad happens. For example, we got a flat tire – At least I had a safe place to pull over. At least it wasn’t raining. At least I had on black pants.

I would encourage you to use this simple trick of looking at the positive using those 2 little words “at least” in your business – instead of being negative or beating yourself up. Try it this week any time you have something not going your way in your business.

At least…you’ll end up in a better mood.

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