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In my mastermind this week, we created a new business model and income stream for one of the participants to add to her current business.  She came with a challenge and 15 minutes later, she had a solution.  We were both amazed at how fast the solution was, and how simple it could be after she had been struggling with it for a long time.   I think it happened so quickly because she was in the right mindset to create a solution and make a decision to act on it.

My own 2011 Strategic Planning Session was very powerful for me because my mindset was all about making decisions and moving forward.  Being stuck between choices without making a decision causes a lot of stress, and keeps you stuck.

My dad always used to say “no decision is a decision.”  What decisions do you need to make to move forward in 2011?  Post your comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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