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Could You Use Some More Cash Flow?

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Almost every business owner I have worked with complains of cash flow challenges when they start working with me. This is usually due to several factors: Not enough sales Not maximizing the sales they have Money Mindset challenges which result in outstanding invoices. I address all three of these when I work with a client […]

What makes your business unique?

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Sitting in Starbucks this week, waiting, I could not help but notice the language. Most of it was Greek to me, since I am a tea drinker. Names like non-fat, dry cappuccino, wet cappuccino. Now, like I said, I drink tea, but I thought all cappuccinos were wet; it is a beverage!

Are You Making it Easy for Your Clients to do Business with You?

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Dig deep. Walk a mile in your client’s shoes and see how easy you make it to do business with your company.