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Increase Your Productivity in 15 Minutes or Less

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Many business owners struggle with productivity because they are waiting for large blocks of time to be able to work on moving their projects and goals forward. Being able to chunk your goals and project list down to actionable chunks is the first step to using small blocks of time efficiently. I asked a panel […]


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Many times our fear of failure shows up as perfectionism. Many of my clients want everything to be perfect before they release anything to the public. While on the surface this seems like a high professional standard it is actually quite unrealistic, and holds you back from moving forward as fast as you can. So […]

Are You Ready for Oprah to Call? Paralyzed by Opportunites

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Most business owners are looking for opportunities to grow their businesses, their brand, and make more money. That is why most of us are in business. As you become better at marketing more and more opportunities will show up. Then what? You have to decide which opportunities are worth pursuing and fit into your strategic […]