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The Wealthy Thought Leader

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Last week was very intense. I spent 3 FULL days at my computer watching the Wealthy Thought Leader event via simulcast. The event was not a bunch of tactics to implement, but a lot of thought provoking exercises and questions designed to get you out of your habitual way of thinking. They also had a […]

Boating Season Here in the North East

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Just came back from a 4-day vacation at the lake. No, not yet boating season here in the North East, although there were some hardy fishermen out on the lake in the snowstorm with their bass boats covered in snow. Even with the snowy surprise, it was exciting to open up the cottage for the […]

Conversations with My Kids

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One morning this week, my 7-year old was complaining about what I served her for breakfast, among other things. I was shocked to hear my 3-year old say, “Mommy, Alexandra needs to change her attitude.” Apparently, some things I say are rubbing off! I often have conversations with my kids about the fact that you […]

Shifts in Business

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This month a lot of the things I had been working on for a while, all showed up at once, not quite the Oprah show but also overwhelming in a good way! First of all, I was sure to be grateful and appreciative of the abundance of blessings. Then I went to work to make […]

Time Management and the Little Rascal

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This week I have been rereading Dan Kennedy’s book, No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs, this is a book I reread at least once a year as I find that his no- nonsense , no BS style is a catalyst for change and each time I read the book I get something else out of […]


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Quite some time has flown by and by now most people have already fallen off the wagon with their New Year’s Resolutions but I am still very focused and in action on my own goals.  The reason is that I have built in a support system that holds me accountable to doing what I say […]

Personal Reflections

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In my mastermind this week, we created a new business model and income stream for one of the participants to add to her current business.  She came with a challenge and 15 minutes later, she had a solution.  We were both amazed at how fast the solution was, and how simple it could be after […]

Personal Reflections

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Tonight I was in Home Depot looking at flooring and was pleasantly surprised by the man helping us who went WAY out of his way to help us find something and make sure that we saw all of the available options.  After we assured him that he had answered all of our questions and that […]