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Back to School Reading List for Business Owners

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Did you think when you were in school that you couldn’t wait to stop studying all the time? Well if you are a business owner the learning and studying should be a part of your daily routine. Here are some great books to help you grow yourself and your business.. The War of Art by […]

Is this the kind of life/business you want to have?

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Today is the anniversary of the passing of Thomas Leonard, the father of modern coaching and a mentor to me when I started coaching. He was known for the quality of his questions and one of them, “Is this the kind of life you want to have?” from his blog (yes, he still has a […]

Why You Need to Be Doing Stacked Marketing to Get More of Your Ideal Clients

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If you want to dig a little deeper into creating your stacked marketing plan, check out the FREE 1 hour video class I did on it here how you can stack your marketing. Be sure to leave your thoughts or comments below.

Putting the OWN Back in Business Owner

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Watch live streaming video from businessoptimizercoach at

The Overlooked Marketing Step to get your Prospects Excited to Buy your Products or Services

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Are You Ready for Oprah to Call? Paralyzed by Opportunites

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Most business owners are looking for opportunities to grow their businesses, their brand, and make more money. That is why most of us are in business. As you become better at marketing more and more opportunities will show up. Then what? You have to decide which opportunities are worth pursuing and fit into your strategic […]

Self Motivation and Motorcycle Courses

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The scariest thing I did in the last year was to finish my motorcycle course so that I could get my license. When I started the class I was nervous but excited but half way through Day 2 I crashed while attempting an emergency stop on a curve in torrential rain. I ended up in the ER after landing on my knee on the pavement. I was extremely lucky, no broken bones.

Want to Make a Leap? GULP!

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Would you like to make a leap in your business? Go after your perfect clients, get out there with your marketing, launch a new service or raise your fees…Any time we decide to make a change, especially a big one, our fears come right to the surface but there are several ways to make a big leap and not chicken out in the middle.

Is a Failure Always a Failure?

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So you have gone out on a limb and tried something new, and the project didn’t turn out the way you expected it to. What do you do now?