Time Management and the Little Rascal

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This week I have been rereading Dan Kennedy’s book, No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs, this is a book I reread at least once a year as I find that his no- nonsense , no BS style is a catalyst for change and each time I read the book I get something else out of it to implement as I am in a new stage of my business. There are tons of good tips and mind shifts in the book ( I will do a video review soon) but I found that a missing element was what to do when things don’t go as planned.

Dan says he can go from bed to the office in 15 min but with 3 kids and one of them a very stubborn 3 year old who is going through a stubborn phase of not wanting to get dressed or eat her breakfast, my morning routine is not that fast and not that predictable. I think the key as an entrepreneur is to be flexible and resourceful no matter what comes up, Mother Nature, employee’s quiting, computer failure, always keep moving towards your goal. My client’s know I am always on time and if I am late for any reason they are worried something is wrong or that they had marked the wrong time in their calendar but with the recent stubborn child challenge, my first goal yesterday was to be in my office at 9am which meant the little one went into the car with no boots and was carried into preschool with no boots. Whatever gets thrown at you, keep being creative and resourceful and you will succeed.

The Little Rascal

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