Extreme Website Makeover:
More Leads, More Clients, More Money

Who else wants their existing website to get more leads that turn quickly into clients and make your competitors lose sleep?

Is your website a sales superstar working 24/7 to get you more prospects and convert them into clients or is it leaving your prospects with a bad first impression of your business?

Is your website getting you all the clients you want?

Does it look good but doesn’t convert visitors into leads?

Your website is a crucial part of your marketing plan and it needs to get you results! An updated look is NOT the only thing you should be concerned with. What’s MOST important is that your website’s message is strategically planned and the copy needs to lead the buyer into your marketing funnel so they can raise their hand to tell you they’re interested in learning more.

It’s not your web designer’s job to make your website sell or convert leads for you.

They are trained to make your website look good and to be functional, but unless they are an expert in copywriting and direct response marketing, your website is probably missing several, if not many, of the key components your website MUST have to establish your company as the solution to your prospects’ most-pressing problems and challenges.

If your site doesn’t have these key components then you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in lost sales.

Telltale signs your website needs help right now:

Designed before 2008 ( because the speed of business and the internet is moving faster than ever and your site is probably dated and doesn’t reflect your company today)

No new content in the last month (If you want to show up in the search engines like Google and keep your prospects coming back for more, you need new content regularly)

You consider it an online brochure (websites that are online brochures do NOTHING to generate leads!)

You are not consistently getting and converting leads from it (yes, I’m talking about getting traffic to your site and then getting those visitors to take action with you)

You have not seen a return of investment from having it built (and that’s if you’re tracking your numbers)

Your website copy was written by someone without direct response marketing and copywriting expertise (this is a mistake most business owners who are not copywriters or marketers miss)

It is not integrated into your marketing plan which means you’re not leveraging it effectively

Your company doesn’t show up in the search engines – this is the fastest way to lose business

You are not incorporating social media – this is a MUST today, like it or not

You  have a template website and it LOOKS like it

You have website shame: it’s outdated or off-brand and you know it

The days of being able to throw a website up and get results are long over. People are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily and your website is only one more in a long list of companies that want your prospect’s money.  Your website needs to be planned out strategically for maximum results and needs to incorporate proven direct response marketing techniques in order to be more than a pretty site.

I am an expert in strategic direct response marketing and my copywriting has been consistently praised as highly effective by direct response marketing gurus.

Stacey Hylen and Yanik Silver

Stacey Hylen and Yanik Silver

A 2-minute on the spot website critique that I did at Yanik Silver’s Internet Marketing Underground Seminar had members of the audience running up to give me their business cards and even hunting me down in the ladies room to ask how they could work with me.

I invest tens of thousands of dollars each year to stay on top of which marketing and internet marketing techniques work. My coaching clients pay me over $1000 per hour to keep me on retainer and optimize their business’ sales and marketing.

I decided to offer this “website audit” because I am consistently horrified at websites I see that even successful entrepreneurs are putting forward to represent themselves, their company, and their brand.

I’m not sure how long this service will be available due to my already full schedule so if you answered “YES!” to any of the telltale signs above, you need a website audit NOW. Don’t wait to get the help you need.

“I own a magazine publishing company and an engineering services business. Stacey has helped me in quite a few different ways. Not only is Stacey a solid coach, but she also has a fantastic background in direct response marketing. There have been quite a few times when we’ll do brainstorming sessions on our coaching calls, and we won’t be talking about coaching anymore, but we’ll actually be doing marketing consulting for me and she’s helped me come up with headlines and offers, which quite frankly, are probably worth over $10,000 in additional revenue for my business that Stacey literally whipped up off the top of her head.

– Tim Schmidt, President of www.usconcealedcarry.com/

I have been counseled to charge at least $1997 for this because of the enormous impact this audit can have, increasing your sales and profits in your business for years to come.

People at Walmart

Just say "NO" to Mom Jeans

But like “friends shouldn’t let friends wear mom jeans”, as your coach and friend, I can’t let you present your business to your prospects in its current state. So for a limited time, you can get a full website audit for only –

$397 until Oct.13th

Bonus: Be one of the first 5 people to sign up and you will get a 30-min consultation with me (a $500 value) to go over your report of findings and answer any of your questions.

Sign Up Now!

Don’t let your web designer tell you they can do this audit for you.

In many cases, they can handle the suggested changes outlined in your audit, but they aren’t experts in direct response marketing and copywriting to be able to evaluate your website from a strategic marketing perspective.

Here’s what your website audit includes:

A complete report of findings

● A checklist of simple fixes for you to make on your site

● How to get more leads or prospects to raise their hand

● What you need to do to position your company as the expert in your area of business

● What you are doing right and should do more of

● An outline of exactly what  improvements to make

● Explanation of important terms and why changes are needed so you can discuss this intelligently with your web designer

After you have this report, you will have a crystal clear picture of what your site needs to get more leads and prospects that will turn into thousands of dollars for you.

Click here to get your report.

*As each audit is customized for your business, allow 7-10 business days for the evaluation and complete report of findings to be delivered to your inbox.

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